Words from our Work Experience Student

A letter of thanks from our recent work experience student, Zane.

Dear Steve,

Reflecting on the opportunity you provided me with last week to complete work experience with yourself and the crew from Whitsunday helicopters, I really think I’m back to a basic, less exhilarating side of life.

Prior to commencing work experience with you, I thought that the role of a helicopter pilot is to just transport people and things from point A to point B. But, within the first few minutes of arriving at the hanger on Monday morning, my perception changed. When I saw the way that the AMS boys worked in co-operation with the pilots to achieve shared goals.

During my work experience with you, I completed a wide variety of jobs which I believed opened my eyes to the importance of helicopter pilots and surely cemented my ambition to become a helicopter pilot.

The times spent in the cockpit with yourself and Jules was extremely insightful and informative and I appreciate your willingness to share with me your own personal insights and experiences around your profession.

This work experience has given me a slight taste of being a helicopter pilot and from that provided me with in a way a motivation, a goal to look forward to after school and definitely an ambition to one day fly solo and go from there.

Nowadays, whenever I see one of the Squirrels flying over the house, I think of the times I spent within them. It changed my perception and as I said earlier getting back into the normal routine will be hard and boring compared to a landing on Pine Islet or a day spent slinging at Penrith Island.

As you probably know my next stepping stone on my journey to becoming an Helicopter pilot is an aptitude test on the 4th of August in Townsville. The work experience you provided me enriched my knowledge and should provide me with a competitive edge.

As a last note, I would like to thank Steve, Jules, Jacko and Bonnie for making my time at Whitsunday helicopters so enjoyable and insightful, honestly I couldn’t think of a better way to spend a week of my holidays.