The Specialised Services we provide

Shipping and Marine Work

We support local shipping operations 365 days a year.

The majority of this work is conducted in Hay Point and Dalrymple Bay Anchorages near Mackay, however we often provide our helicopter services to the Abbot Point Anchorage off the coast of Bowen, Queensland. Whitsunday Helicopters has conducted in excess of 25,000 ship board landings. The Chief Pilot alone has amassed 10,000 ship landings, 500 of which are night boardings.

Shipping services include

  • Marine pilot transfers
  • Crew changes
  • Repatriation transfers
  • Emergency medical (Medivac) transfers
  • Replenishment of ship provisions
  • Slinging of ship spares and large items
  • Slinging of marine lubricants
  • Transfer of ship surveyors, engineers and technicians
  • Maintenance of offshore maritime installations/equipment
  • Day & Night, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year servicability

Utility and Specialised Helicopter Services

Our helicopter pilots are highly experienced and extremely skilled at all avenues of air work.

Our aircraft can be tailored to suit every requirement. Each helicopter is fitted with pop-out flotation systems, cargo hooks and GPS. We also provide specialised equipment such as incendiary machines and safety harnesses.

Due to the extreme circumstances involved with many of our air work charters, we only employ very experienced and skilled pilots. The average flying time for our team of pilots is 6,000 hours.

Services include

  • Incendiary dropping operations (Fire Lighting)
  • Airborne fire supression
  • Survey studies
  • Sample collection
  • Airborne geophysics
  • Powerline inspection
  • Powerline Construction
  • Powerline stringing
  • Seismic work

Check out how our Incendiary machine works!

Aerial Lifting and Aerial Slinging

Whitsunday Helicopters can offer aerial lifting at very competitive rates compared to crane hire and standby and set-up rates – our helicopter fleet is able to get the job done quicker, safer and cheaper.

Helicopters are more versatile than a mobile crane. All lift operation requests are tailor made to suit each company’s specific requirements.

For lifting and slinging, our helicopters are fitted with cargo hooks and remote long-line hooks. All pilots are highly experienced with sling work and possess the skills for precision positioning of loads.

Our helicopters have a lifting capacity up to 1000kg.   We also provide experienced ground crew to ensure safe and efficient operations on the ground whilst slinging is being conducted. Pilot and ground crew can communicate via UHF or VHF radio.

All necessary equipment such as strops, nets, slings, cables and hooks are provided by us.

Aerial Film and Aerial Photography

Whitsunday Helicopters specialize in aerial film and aerial photography.

We have been chartered by many television networks and have been involved in the filming of several television programs including “Getaway”, “Planet Earth”, “Fishing Australia” and “Sports Sunday”.  Whitsunday Helicopters was also featured in an episode of the Seven Network’s show “Border Security”, focusing on the work we conduct with local customs officers and more recently the ABC’s “Great Southern Land” series highlighting the significance of marine pilot transfer operations through the Great Barrier Reef. WHG has also provided aerial film and photography platforms for the BBC for similar programs and is the preferred provider for Electronic News Gathering services in Central Queensland.

We provide accredited safety harnesses. Specialised equipment such as Cineflex camera systems and nose gimbles can be fitted to our helicopters via Tyler, Meeker or Continental mounts. The necessary hard points and hard-wiring are installed on all helicopters to enable quick installation of this equipment.

Our pilots are extremely skilled and will ensure that the cameraman or photographer obtain their footage or photographs in the most time-efficient manner and with fantastic results.

Private and Corporate Charter

Whitsunday Helicopters offer a five star charter service for both corporate clients and private charter.

Our experienced pilots have extensive local knowledge and a professional and friendly approach. Our helicopters will get you or your staff to their destination quickly, efficiently and above all, safely. We also have the capacity to cross-hire helicopters to provide multiple aircraft for larger groups on request.

Services include

  • Government agency charters (approved contractor)
  • Film industry location scout flight
  • Mining charters
  • Remote site inspection
  • Transportation to isolated/difficult locations
Scenic Flights

We also offer a 20 minute scenic flight for people wanting to enjoy the excitement of a helicopter flight.

We can also tailor a flight to suit your requirements if you have something specific in mind.

Airborne Fire Suppression

Whitsunday Helicopters now offers Aerial Fire Suppression through the use of our Fast Bucket.

Helicopters by the nature of what they do can reach the places not accessible by land vehicle or foot, and when it comes to Fire Suppression the aerial advantage can make the difference.

Our Fast Bucket is highly reliable in construction and working order with Fast Buckets Patented Pneumatic Technology. When it comes to Fire Suppression, time and payload is everything and our Fast Bucket boasts a 1000L capacity and with under a 5 second fast fill, time is on your side, especially when our Fast Bucket only requires 1m water depth for a fill. Our Helicopters are also fitted with Emergency Services Comms to ensure contact with ground crew is always maintained for safety and situational awareness. Our Pilots come highly experienced and approach every situation with a professional manner and the utmost safety.

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