Helicopter Safety

Safety is a priority at Whitsunday Helicopters.

Our safety record is an indication of our comprehensive helicopter maintenance and training system. We are committed to ensuring the safety of all passengers and personnel at all times, with no exception.

Safety equipment offered:

  • All helicopters are fitted with pop-out flotation systems
  • Regularly serviced life jackets for all passengers
  • Life rafts are carried in helicopters for specific charters
  • Certified safety harness equipment is provided for specific charters
  • Pilots carry PLBS devices
  • All helicopters are fitted with UHF and VHF radio communications
  • Satellite phone provided on all charters
  • All helicopters carry an emergency first aid kit
  • All our helicopters are fitted with flight monitoring devices which allows our staff to constantly track aircraft in real time
  • ISO 9001 Certified
  • Full Resource sector compliant

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