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Airborne Fire Suppression

Whitsunday Helicopters now offers Aerial Fire Suppression through the use of our Fast Bucket.

Helicopters by the nature of what they do can reach the places not accessible by land vehicle or foot, and when it comes to Fire Suppression the aerial advantage can make the difference.

Our Fast Bucket is highly reliable in construction and working order with Fast Buckets Patented Pneumatic Technology. When it comes to Fire Suppression, time and payload is everything and our Fast Bucket boasts a 1000L capacity and with under a 5 second fast fill, time is on your side, especially when our Fast Bucket only requires 1m water depth for a fill. Our Helicopters are also fitted with Emergency Services Comms to ensure contact with ground crew is always maintained for safety and situational awareness. Our Pilots come highly experienced and approach every situation with a professional manner and the utmost safety.