Whitsunday Helicopters is Setting the Standard

Given the demanding nature and profile of our cliental, the company exclusively hand picks only the most professional and experienced of pilots as a result of the operations conducted by WHG. Due to the nature of the operations we perform, WHG pilots are required to undergo an extensive “Visual Base Check” every 12 weeks, which is 400% over the industry standard however we believe the level of professionalism and efficiency this provides our clients is unsurpassed.

WHG also provides the leading edge in real-time tracking through the Iridium network. With the addition of spidertracks into our helicopters you as the client are now able to see where our helicopters are in real-time with given height, speed, and heading and also past track monitoring at 2 minute intervals.

When it comes to over-water transfers WHG provides all of our clients with Switlik Aviator life vests which are regularly serviced and compliant with all Australian PFD Standards. Our Pilots also carry an armoury of lifesaving equipment including

  • 406 MHz PLB’s
  • Strobe Lights
  • Compact Flares
  • Sea Dye Markers
  • Glow Sticks
  • Signaling Mirrors
  • Emergency heat blanket
  • Aqua Lung Spare Air
  • Alpha Eagle Helicopter Helmet

At WHG Safety is a priority.

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